Call For Entries

In partnership with Restoration Church Bryan, SEAD Gallery is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition featuring Christian art!

In an effort to promote the arts as well as local community, we have partnered with Restoration Church Bryan to create an exhibition on faith, love, and service. As such, we invite artists to submit their rendering of John 13 (Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.) Art pieces could include:

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Photography
  • Craft
  • Design
  • Sculpture
  • Etc.

Submitted artwork will have a chance to be featured in the SEAD Gallery as part of the exhibition. Artwork must be submitted in person by Monday, June 29, 2015, from 10-5 pm to the SEAD Gallery. Artwork must be ready-to-be-hung on the walls. The exhibition will take place from Friday, July 3 – Friday, July 31, 2015.

All works submitted to the SEAD Gallery will undergo review by the Advent GX staff. Works will be selected for the gallery per SEAD Gallery discretion. SEAD Gallery reserves the right to void any entries, in partial or in full.

For more information contact: