Hanging the First Show

Today is a very exciting day as we watch as Anguspaul works through the process of hanging his stunning artwork in SEAD Gallery. It is rewarding to see beautiful paintings find their place on these walls after all of our hard work in the past weeks. From changing the lighting to installing hanging systems on 100-year-old walls, it’s been quite a journey and today we can see it all coming together beautifully.

Along with his paintings, Anguspaul suspended three sculptures around the gallery. They add whimsy and movement to an already vibrant show. Our entire team is learning a great deal as we experience first hand the amount of thought and care that goes into an exhibition.

Most of us here on staff have been picking out our favorites – it seems that each of us has at least six. With his incredible range, Anguspaul finds a way to appeal to everyone, he says “from the hippies to the cowboys”.  We can’t wait to continue to come into work every day while these phenomenal paintings grace the gallery walls. It won’t last long as no doubt, patrons will soon be making their own choices and purchasing pieces to take home to add to their own private collections.