Anguspaul – Behind the Color

Originally from the Midwest, Anguspaul now resides on a 154-acre ranch in Milano, Texas where he has lived for the past ten years.  When Anguspaul moved onto the land there was nothing- not even a house. He made it his task to build all of the buildings that now include a house, a studio, a pottery shed, and others. He did not, however, build these structures in the order that one would assume. Anguspaul built them in the order that he deemed most important to least. He started with an eight-foot-by-twleve-foot pottery shed that he lived in while he built the second structure — his studio, which he also lived in. Only after living in these small spaces did he finally see the need for the home that he and his wife now share. This unusual order of construction is indicative of his priorities. Anguspaul values art above all else, including comfort and the luxuries that a home provides. His work is so important to him that he thought it more necessary to have a pottery shed than a home.

This care and esteem for his craft is evident in his work. The artist describes his style as a combination of two techniques, the first revolving around the Rood’s Divisionist color wheel. Anguspaul favors this because of the technique’s use of stark and bright color contrasts. Root’s Divisionist color wheel is obvious in Anguspaul’s current show, “Colorpalooza”. With only a few notable exceptions, most of Anguspaul’s current paintings have an extreme range of color.

The second technique that Anguspaul employs is a term that he’s coined himself- Free Range. In this technique he gives responsibility and trust to the painting. He says he “let’s it decide what it’s going to be.”  He tries to start a painting with zero plans or preconceived notions. The result of such techniques are a collection of works ranging from simple yet beautiful surrealism to the wonderfully abstract.

We caught up with Anguspaul last week and were lucky enough to see and capture some of his creative process in pictures. Anguspaul’s work will be on display at SEAD Gallery from November 29th, 2012 to February 22, 2013. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and by appointment.