Software Developers' Cartel

Software Developers’ Cartel

Software Developers Cartel, a series of mini-conferences and gatherings about current trends, methods, and frameworks in software development, returns this Tuesday, November 17th with Jeffrey Cicolani. The purpose of these gatherings is to create a place where developers can come and share their professional and personal experiences with technology with likeminded and interested individuals.

Jeffrey Cicolani is one of three amateur robotics hobbyists who are working to develop a fully autonomous navigating robot for Sparkfun’s AVC contest. Cicolani is looking to build an autonomous robot that will perform specific tasks. Using off-the- shelf parts and the Internet as one of his biggest resources, Cicolani is hoping to build a robot for localization and path planning. Although this is an ambitious task, Cicolani is looking to push himself to create something new and exciting in the robotics industry.

Jeffrey Cicolani is from Texas and works with a non-profit called The Robotics Group, an organization that gathers to discuss new ideas regarding robotics and to create new and exciting things together. Jeffrey Cicolani will be joining us to speak about his projects in robotics for our November Software Developer’s Cartel on Tuesday, November 17th, at the SEAD Gallery located inside of the Federal Building.