Piece of the Week: "Morning Calm"

Piece of the Week: “Morning Calm”

This week’s feature piece from David Site’s collection is titled “Morning Calm.” This landscape, composed primarily of a palette of placid blue-grays, is about capturing a moment in time, a landscape in transition from the cold of night to the bright, white light of a new day filtering through gray clouds. The grays David uses to subdue the colors are cool and wintry. Clouds sweep across the dawning sky, bringing with them the crisp coolness of early winter.

A distinct blue, white streak near the painting’s center suggests a body of water, or perhaps frozen ice – reflecting what little heat the winter sun provides back to the sky. Every form of life in the painting, from the dying blades of wild grass hinted at with the subtlest of yellow-greens to the proud violet and blue trees which line the body of water lay dormant; standing in quiet acceptance of the changing of seasons. As the morning light filters down to them, they are content just to soak in the still newness of the day.

With this piece, David’s suggestive style skillfully puts onto canvas a morning of silent serenity – the type of morning where coffee is consumed in measured sips in an effort to slow the passage of time. But as time does, it moves on whether we are ready or not, and we must accept that we were fortunate just to have been witness to its fleeting beauty.