Library and Bookshop

The SEAD Library and Bookshop is a small cove full of hidden literary treasures. It contains a full range of old books in a variety of genres ranging from Hip Hop America to Monet’s Water Lilies to Gulliver’s Travels. Anyone is welcome to come in and read, or if a particular book catches your fancy you can purchase it through our office. We accept card, cash, and check.

However enrapturing a good book can be, experiencing our library encompasses more than just reading. We have quirky lamps designed and created by Evan Ballowe that give the SEAD Library and Bookshop an inspirational aura. Our cozy couches and reading nooks provide a homey space to catch up with a friend, curl up with a good book, or drink some tea. Our space is ideal for meetings, brainstorming, writing, reading, and reminiscing. Not to mention the free wifi and cool air conditioning that are available to the public. Come stop by and join us in the community’s living room.