SEAD Welcomes Dr. Conrad Earnest

SEAD Welcomes Dr. Conrad Earnest

SEAD Gallery is proud to announce its newest exhibition “Dérive” by Dr. Conrad Earnest. This exhibition will be on display January 19 – March 11, 2017 with an opening reception on January 19 at 6:30 PM in the SEAD Gallery.

Conrad Earnest’s incredible scenic photography captures scenes from the BCS area to landscapes from his international adventures. At this intersection of technology and nature, Conrad allows the viewer to see things others would not or in a way that is not typical. “Dérive” is a spontaneous journey that allows the spirit of the landscape to attract and move one. This sensation propels Conrad through his nature tourism endeavors, in which he spends more time getting lost rather than finding the road less traveled.

“As a photographer, I have no mystic, sensual, artistic, altruistic or philosophic reason for my photography….I just like it.”

Conrad Earnest is a former professional soccer player who holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology. Conrad also feels strongly about giving back to his community. A portion of the proceeds from this exhibit will benefit Phoebe’s Home, the domestic violence services program of Twin City Mission in Bryan. We will raffle off prints of his work during the opening reception to benefit this shelter.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, Sterling Auto Group and Neighbors Health, without whom we could not provide the same level of aesthetic. To our guests, please consider supporting our sponsors just as you support SEAD!