Welcoming Mathew Walpert and His "Glimpses of Other Worlds"

Welcoming Mathew Walpert and His “Glimpses of Other Worlds”

SEAD Gallery is excited to present to the public the wonderful Mathew Walpert and his collection entitled “Glimpses of Other Worlds.” We invite you all to come and join us in celebrating the opening of this exhibit here at the gallery on Thursday, December 15 from 6:30-8pm.

Although you would never guess after seeing his incredible work, Walpert has said that for a long time he doubted his artistic abilities. “I have always been interested in art, but for a long time I never thought I was any good. Most of my time through college I thought this way, until I took a painting class and realized it really came down to wanting to get better,” says Walpert. Now he works primarily with acrylics and watercolors, while also adding a digital illustration edge to some of his paintings.

In the “Glimpses of Other Worlds” exhibit, Walpert portrays a number of characters derived from his imagination. “Many of the images are about those creatures interacting with each other or meeting each other. They create the begging of a story,” says Walpert in regard to the connection from painting to painting. Each work is carefully depicted and offers an intriguing story.

As you go through the collection, Walpert hopes that you will see each creature and “wonder what is going to happen, who they are, or what brought them together.”

Mathew Walpert’s exhibit offers a compelling group of works that are sure to captivate. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out his pieces at the opening reception at 6:30pm this Thursday, December 15.