SEAD Mid-Summer Recap

SEAD Mid-Summer Recap

We can’t believe summer is halfway gone! The gallery has seen four shows so far, and one last show will slip into the gallery before summer ends. SEAD Academy, our immersive, interdisciplinary summer camp, has completed three of its camps, and one remains.

The Gallery just welcomed “Palate” by Kristine Kainer to the gallery on Thursday, July 21. Sam Baker’s show “Everyone is at the mercy of another one’s dream” opens on August 18 and will be the last show of the summer.

The camps already completed this summer include Digital Photography Fundamentals, It’s All About That Glass, and Game Design and Physical Computing Innovation Camp. Sculptures in Augmented Reality Innovation Camp runs July 25 – 29.

In “Digital Photography Fundamentals,” students learned the technical aspects of digital photography and completed several projects throughout the week. Marie Marchand, SEAD Academy director, said she was surprised by the unique styles the students developed throughout the week.

“What struck me at the end of the camp was that each student had developed their own style,” Marchand said. “They could turn something very common into something of great beauty and interest in their pictures.”
“It’s All About That Glass” camp started several years ago and combines both science and art to create a well – rounded learning experience. During the camp, students learned about the glassmaking process and created their own mosaic designs.
The first Innovation Camp, Game Design and Physical Computing, wrapped up last week. In this camp, students learned how to integrate the Texas Instruments Sensor Tag V2 into game design. The Sculptures in Augmented Reality Innovation Camp runs this week. Using all free and open source software, students will create clay sculptures and then translate them into augmented reality.
I’m very excited about the rest of the SEAD Academy. All camps have been very successful so far,” Marchand said. “I love watching campers proudly show their parents what they accomplished during camp. It is amazing how much they learn and achieve in only one week.”
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