Reflecting on Women's History Month

Reflecting on Women’s History Month

We’ve had such a fun month in SEAD Gallery promoting the arts through the perspective of our impressive women artists! In honor of Women’s History Month, the gallery featured the work of four Texas women artists throughout the month including Mirka Hokkanen, Denise Bossarte, Dawn Winter, and Becky Phillips. Mirka Hokkanen’s incredibly detailed wood carvings brought furry animals to life in the gallery. Hokkanen’s prints made us wonder what was going on inside the minds of these adorable animals. In early March, SEAD Gallery was thrilled to host a reception for Bossarte’s Miksang photography. Her extensive academic background was an inspiration to attendees and her photographs filled the parlor gallery with wavy reflections of light. It was interesting what people thought they could see in the water reflections she so carefully captured. In mid-March, Winter brought a colorful collection from Austin which opened alongside our Women’s History Month celebration. Winter’s playful layers of color created the perfect environment to host iconic women figures that have pioneered the growth of the arts in Downtown Bryan. These ladies present at the reception all signed a commemorative board which will be hung at the new Icehouse venue. Phillips concluded our Women’s Month with a huge installation at the Amity building; mothering, domesticity, and feminism were key subjects in her work. Her exhibit incorporated sculptures, video projections, and canvas characters, creating a unique immersive experience that brought new flavor to Downtown. These remarkable women have contributed to the legacy of women impacting community development through SEAD Gallery and Historic Downtown Bryan.