Imani Launches “Imani Exchange” Women’s Empowerment Program

Imani Launches “Imani Exchange” Women’s Empowerment Program

It has been a little over 2 years since Imani Africa officially registered as a non-profit, but you wouldn’t know it by the unbelievable amount of work they have done to benefit African communities since then. From local fundraising efforts to sending volunteers across the globe to serve the people of Burundi and Kenya, they have paused only to reflect on God’s faithfulness to their mission of economic empowerment and Christ-like service. Being inspired by Christ’s example, Imani places total faith in God to guide them as they seek to “help families develop a better future and defeat poverty.”

This extreme faith led them to their newest endeavor, Imani Exchange, “a women’s empowerment program giving 16 disadvantaged women in Mombasa, Kenya a chance to change their circumstances, and better support their families.” The program will provide the women with the training and resources they need to support themselves and their families financially. Already women in the program have “made their first 2 products and are moving on to the third product.”

As they continue to trust fully in God, he has continued to provide. Most recently, Imani was able to find a house for the Imani Exchange women to live in and work out of. The house, which will also serve as accommodations for volunteers who come to Africa “has a lot of potential but still needs a lot of work.”

Imani Exchange is just the next chapter in Imani Africa’s already full story. Imani plans to unveil an online shop in January of 2014 where handmade goods crafted by women of Burundi and Kenya, such as jewelry and accessories can be purchased. For those of you that cannot wait, Imani has is offering a few locally made Kenyan products for sale at SEAD Gallery. Sales proceeds support the ongoing Imani missions.

To purchase your Imani gift items, visit the SEAD Gallery store. Available items include scarves, handbags and more. SEAD Store is open during regular gallery hours – Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM.