SEAD Says Farewell to Scott McDermott

SEAD Says Farewell to Scott McDermott

From the artist:
“Three months, WOW! The first two months went so slowly and the last one just blew by. It’s been a wonderful experience and that’s primarily thanks to you all. I enjoyed the hell out of the challenge to fill a gallery with work I could be proud of, but that pales to the support I received from my friends. I knew I’d get congratulations and people would be happy for me but the number of people who not only took time out of their schedules to drive cross town but that drove from out of town was pretty overwhelming… very overwhelming.

Joan and Jose Quintana, I tried to put into words what you’re doing for our community but I think I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so I’ll just say thank you for dreaming that a gallery could survive here, making it happen, and everything else you will do here in the future.

That Chris at the Brazos Valley Arts Council had the faith in my abilities to recommend me based solely on past works with no idea what I’d do next is an incredible compliment.

I went into this expecting to have a new experience, a fun ride, meet new people and bring home everything I put up at the end of the show. I truly didn’t expect to sell anything. I HOPED to, but I didn’t expect it. Certainly not half of it. But I’ll only be bringing home half of what I hung. That blows my mind. To everyone that enjoyed something so much they decided to take it home with them, you’ve not only paid me the highest compliment, you’ve given art a future in our community. I can’t tell you how invaluable that is and how much it means to me.

Thank you all so much…..”

SEAD Gallery is honored to have worked with such a brilliant, talented and professional artist. Thank YOU, Scott McDermott!