Invasion of the Purple Turtles!

Le Hale hangs student are for show on First FridayThe SEAD Gallery library is bursting with spring color and vivid patterns as local artist Le Hale hangs a student show for April’s First Friday in Downtown Bryan.  An institution for local art instruction, Hale’s own Purple Turtle Art Studio has served as a center for lessons and creative inspiration for over 13 years. “Part of the fun of this exhibition is the wonderful, eclectic variety. It makes for a very dynamic display”, said SEAD Gallery Director, Cassidy Barton.  Indeed, the range of subject matter and experience level speaks to an instructor, and teaching method, that have a broad reach and wide appeal.  When asked about her secret for engaging such a diverse group of individuals, Hale comments, “This show is a collection of many young artists’ personally inspired pieces.  I find if the students choose their own subject matter and media they will be invested in their work from the inception. ‘Assignments’ are for school and we keep them there.”

Le Hale will host a number of Purple Turtle mini-camps at the SEAD Gallery over the summer. Registration information and additional details will be announced soon.

“Invasion of the Purple Turtles” will be on display at the SEAD Gallery library from April 5th through April 29th. The public is invited to attend the opening reception on First Friday, April 5th between 6-8pm.