Scott McDermott: Art Comes Home

Scott McDermott: Art Comes Home

The SEAD Gallery would like to introduce artist Scott McDermott and his show Procrastus Interruptus–not that Scott McDermott needs any introducing around here. McDermott was not only raised in Bryan-College Station, but returned to the Brazos Valley in 1992 after earning a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas. He is excited to show in Downtown Bryan again after being displayed with Art979 at the Village Cafe in recent months.

McDermott primarily works in oils with a tendency towards realism, yet his style is always progressing and evolving. Shying away from the “brushy photo realism” that is often more commercial, he has moved into loosely brushing physical items to the point of abstraction. He ventured into this technique in order to extend a viewer’s time with a work and allow their perception of the work to move from abstract to representational.

A unique feature of McDermott’s previous work is his use of crushed steel as canvas, often in the form of wrecked car hoods. This exceptional reuse of materials allows abstraction to be directed by the canvas itself, each being unique by nature of what they are. The material used is not immediately evident to a viewer, as they take in the layers of paint and geometric shapes before realizing the actual salvage for what it is.

A recent renewed interest in realism, however, shows McDermott pulling elements from each of his stages of progression over time, his career having spanned over twenty years at this point. Loosely brushed representational images over abstract and representational backgrounds hope to tell a story in a single frame that reveals itself to the audience as they break down the individual elements.

All impressions are valid according to the artist and he is happy to be painting something that grabs people’s interest. The SEAD Gallery is happy to welcome Scott and display his work in a community where he was influenced and raised.